Neriage Kiln Sougama

He produces pottery using the Neriage technique, in which different colors of clay are combined to create patterns. In the exhibition hall, you will see handmade vessels with patterns unique to Arita and the unique flavor of the Neriage process. The works are made with the purity of porcelain Neriage. In the studio, visitors can see the production process of the Neriage technique. Workshops are also offered, so please enjoy them in addition to viewing the works in the exhibition hall.

Sogama was established in 1984 and is now in its 38th year. It is the only kiln in Arita that produces pottery using the Neriage technique, in which colored porcelain clay is put together like a puzzle, and the pieces are then molded into a mold.


Yuji Kusaba


1955 Born in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture
1979 Graduated from Nihon University
1984 Started making ceramics with his father
1988 Minister of International Trade and Industry Award (1st Prize), Kyushu-Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition
1990 Governor’s Prize (1st Prize), Nagasaki Ceramic Exhibition
Since then, he has won many prizes and awards at the Prefectural Exhibition, Seibu Kogei Exhibition, West Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, and other exhibitions.
1995 Invited to exhibit at the Asahi Craft Exhibition
2009 Prefectural Governor’s Prize, Kyushu-Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition
2011 Selected, Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, Traditional Division

Namiko Kusaba


1956 Born in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
1979 Graduated from Gakushuin University and moved to Arita
Studied underglaze painting, glazing, and design at the Saga Prefectural Ceramics Research Laboratory (now the Ceramic Research Center)
1982 Studied pottery at the Ceramics Department of Arita Technical High School and continued his training in ceramics
1984 Trained as a potter at MOROGAMA
1990: started his life as a potter at Sougama
1991 First prize winner at the Kyushu-Yamaguchi Ceramic Exhibition, and has won many prizes since.
2003 Started two-person exhibition
2005 First solo exhibition at TOBU Ikebukuro 2005 First solo exhibition at TOBU Ikebukuro
2016 Arita International Ceramics Exhibition, Arita Mayor Prize
2018 Arita International Ceramics Exhibition, Ceramic Times Award
2021 Arita International Ceramics Exhibition, Technique Prize

Exhibitions are held every year in various locations.
Since 2000, he has been involved in workshops.

Eito Kusaba


Born in 1982
Graduated from Air Cadet Corps, 2000
2005 Graduated from New York State NCC School of Music
2006 Joined Avex, Inc.
2008 Joined Ward Records, Inc.
2015, entered into Sougama
2017 First prize winner of the Arita International Ceramics Exhibition
2019 AMAKUSA Ceramics Contest Runner-up Grand Prize
2021 Selected for the Arita International Ceramics Exhibition