In this workshop, participants will create vessels using the Neriage technique, which is rare in Japan.
Neriage is a traditional ceramic technique in which colored clay is combined
It is a technique to express patterns that are two sides of the same coin.
This workshop is now online!

★What kind of vessels can you make?

In the online workshop, you will be able to use this product on a daily basis.
We will bake up “Side plate” (12cmX12cmX3cm), one of the most popular works of Sougama.

★How do you make it?

Using the colored clay you receive, you will create a traditional checkered pattern.
Special tools will be delivered together with your order, so even beginners can experience this with ease.

Online Workshop Flow

①Confirmation of received package
1. Manual sheet
2. colored soil
3. Itokiri (tool to cut clay precisely)
4. Bedding cloth and pattern paper
5. Return pack
6. Return shipping label

②Making a checkerboard pattern
Finally, the checkered pattern will be created using the soil prepared according to the checkered pattern you have chosen.

③Make the fabric of the vessel on a flat surface
The checkered pattern is laid out one by one
The fabric of the vessel is finished.

④Return the fabric to the kiln.

⑤Enjoy a video of the dough taking the shape of the dish.

⑥Receive the baked plates

A.Normal Difficulty ★★

B.Square Difficulty ★★★

C.Half Difficulty ★

D.Step Difficulty ★★★★

※The color of the clay used will be the one shown in the photo of each pattern, but if you really want to change the color, we can change it as long as it is the same color as used in patterns A through D. (Please contact us for details.)